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Man finds forty dead cats in two freezers he bought at auction

If you rent out a self-storage unit and then decide to stop paying the rent for the storage of your goods, the company have a legal right to sell the goods. The unclaimed items are normally auctioned off and it is often a chance to pick up some bargains, which is what happened when a Long Island City self-storage company auctioned items when rental payments stopped and the goods had been abandoned.

One man, known only as Carlos, got rather more than he had bargained for when, initially, he was delighted that his bid of $150 secured him two pristine looking deep freeze units, both in good working order and he had the units transported to his home. It was when he opened the lid of the freezers that he discovered the gruesome sight of 40 dead cats ‘stacked’ in the freezers.
Naturally the police were called and they reported that there were around 40 of the dead felines, one of which had been skinned and placed on an aluminium tray, conjuring all sorts of possibilities in the mind! All the cats had been placed neatly one on top of the other in one of the units, whilst in the other, the cats had been individually wrapped in paper and put in plastic bags.
The cats are being taken for necropsies, in other words autopsies for pet animals, to determine the cause of death; this is being undertaken by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We shall have to wait for the results as the cats have to be thawed out first.
We are not aware who rented the self-storage facility to store the freezer units and their contents, other than it is believed to be a 66-year-old woman who stopped her monthly payments in July.

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