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Wizkid is dating Justine Skye

wizkid play Wizkid and Justin SkyeUS singer Justine Skye on his Instagram page on September 11, 2016.
After posting a photo of him and Justine Skye, Wizkid went on to disable the comments which he knows would be filled with relationship talk and  chatter.

Justine Skye recently dropped a new single featuring Wizzy a.k.a Young Pablo and before that there have been intense rumours that the 'Ojuelegba' singer is Skye's lover boy.
Justin Skye - U don't know ft Wizkid play Justin Skye - U don't know ft Wizkid
While people are looking for hidden clues to prove that Wizkid and Justine Skye are an item I am cocksure that they are dating. Human beings are a creature of habit and last time I checked, despite his chart defying stunts baba nla has blood flowing through his veins.
Wizkid and Sophie Rammal years ago. play Wizkid and Sophie Rammal years ago.
(Olisa TV )

So let's examine this, shall we? In Wizkid's glittering career he has had two girlfriends that we know of, Tania Omotayo and Sophie Rammal who got married this year. When Wizkid was in a relationship with these women he didn't hide the fact. Sophie Rammal appeared in his debut music video 'Holla at your Boy' and a few of their selfies can be found online.
Wizkid and Tania play Wizkid and Tania

As for Tania Omotayo, she was flaunted by the pop star. She graced red carpet events with him and at one time moonlighted as his assistant manager. Pictures of Wizkid and Tania Omotayo could fill up a photo album. Wizkid never hid the fact that he dated her.
Surely Wizkid has been with other women than these two lovely ladies. Yes, of course, he has but have you seen him with them publicly? No. Wizkid doesn't show off flings.
Wizkid with his alleged baby mama Binta Diamond Diallo (Blue Diamond) play Wizkid with his alleged baby mama Binta Diamond Diallo (Blue Diamond)
(The Shade Room )

Wizkid does not have a single photo with his Nigerian baby mama Sola Ogudugu. As for his second baby mama (alleged) Binta Diamond Diallo, only a couple photos exist. With these scenarios, we can deduce that if Wizkid isn't in a relationship with you then he isn't showing off, and we all know who he is showing off now- Justin Skye.
We've seen the tweets, the snaps, the cuddly studio photos, Instagram photos and public appearances. Going by my theory it is safe to say Wizkid is dating Justine Skye. Why would Wizkid dedicate so much effort on a baby he isn't in a relationship with? It is not his style.
Jada and Wizkid play Jada and Wizkid

Although there is this conspiracy theory that the Wizkid and Justine Skye situation is just a publicity stunt. A publicity stunt for who? If Wizkid wants to date a US singer to gain more access in America then he needs a bigger singer than Justine Skye. The fine babe is talented but she is not yet a star.
What if Justine Skye is using Wizkid for hype? This scenario is even more baffling. Hype to get the attention of Americans or Nigerians? Either way, it doesn't make sense.
So, at the end of the day, the most plausible explanation is, Wizkid and Justine Skye are dating.
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