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Uproar as taxidermy cat handbag is listed for sale on New Zealand auction site

If you are a cat lover, we suggest that you turn the page now, as this item is not for you, or for that matter the faint hearted. A unique handbag, which has been made from the pelt of a dead cat, is listed for sale on the auction site Trade Me, with a starting price of NZ$1,400 which equates to around £800.
The bag which has attracted a variety of names, such as “glamour puss purse” is listed on the site under “cat art, taxidermy, fashion, art deco, one off, purse, handbag, cat walk, catatonic”. Made by taxidermist Claire Hobbs, she has described the bag as something that will last for years, and is “purrfect” a very stylish handbag, something for the girl that has everything, a one off purse that will grab attention where ever you go.
Ms Hobbs claims that the unfortunate cat was feral and was hit by a car on a backwash country road, somehow, and we do not quite know how, she came by the dead animal, kept it in her freezer for three months and then turned it into a bag that apparently if you have everything, you would want.

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