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OMG She thought she was getting her revenge, but just chose the wrong car

When I was just “knee high to a grasshopper” it was always instilled into me that if you are going to do a job, do it properly. A woman in Florida certainly did the job properly, but she got one thing very wrong when trying to wreak revenge on her ex-boyfriend.
Carmen Chamblee, 19, was arrested Saturday morning near Clearwater and charged with second-degree arson by setting fire to a Honda car which she believed belonged to her ex, but it didn’t! Thomas Jennings, who actually owned the vehicle, he said had no idea who the woman was and had
never seen her before.
A security camera was the undoing of Chamblee and it was the roommate of Jennings that alerted him to the fire. In spite of throwing a pot of water at the Honda, the rag that investigators said was set alight and placed in the fuel tank of the car was too much for the two valiant would be firefighters with their pot of water.
Chamblee was taken to the Pinellas County Jail on Saturday according to online records and she is due to appear before a judge to answer the charges. Now we imagine the judge might be as curious as we are what the ex-boyfriend had done so wrong to warrant setting fire to what she thought was his car.
Two things cross our minds here, the first is that she has obviously not taken a note of his number plate and where he lived, but then and more importantly, perhaps she should have “gone to Specsavers”.

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