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Mama Cass, also known as Cass Elliot from the iconic 1960’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Mamas and the Papas, died on July 29th 1...

Mama Cass speaks from beyond the grave!

Mama Cass, also known as Cass Elliot from the iconic 1960’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Mamas and the Papas, died on July 29th 1974. However, recently, the famed singer has come back from beyond the grave thanks to Medium Fleur, a well-known medium who travels the globe.
Medium Fleur spoke exclusively to Shocking Times about her experience with connecting with Mama Cass, who died before Fleur was even born, and why really caused her passing…

“I never know who I am going to meet when I connect to the spirit world. Anyone can step forward, and through the years my work as a Medium has led me to meet some very interesting characters. One of the spirit people that stands out is the larger-than-life, and death, Mama Cass. Cass had been a favourite of my parents while I was growing up. They would play her records at night after dinner, and together we would dance around to ‘California Dreamin’ in the living room. Little did I know that I would be speaking to Mama Cass herself in the spirit world twenty years later. Ironically, in my California office… a real dream come true.
As I quieted my mind to begin the session, I had no idea that I was about to connect to one of the icons of the 1960/1970’s who helped shape a generation. What I did know was that the woman who connected with me from the spirit world had one of the most powerful, and largest, energies I had experienced. She came in singing, with long false lashes, and a cigarette carelessly held in her right hand. This was no ordinary voice, and as she showed me the memories of her life, it became more and more evident to me that although young, she had been someone the world knew and revered.
Connecting to her made me love her even more. Cass came to me as a woman who was all seventies, and all heart. In fact, she indicated that it was in fact her heart that had led to her passing. During the reading, this seemed to her a very matter-of-fact truth. However, later, when I called up my father to excitedly tell him who I had spoken to that day, his first question was- ‘but, how did she die?’. I had not realized her passing had sparked a controversy. Many wondered if she had choked, overdosed, or had a heart attack. I believe it really was her heart, a heart filled with music, passion, and strong opinions, and one she truly knew how to use in her lifetime.
The feeling that remains most vivid from my time with Mama Cass is her devil-may-care, rebellious personality. Her energy filled up the room as she spoke of her daughter, her wild ways with men, and her love of the stage. Mama Cass was still singing loud and proud from the other side, believing in the magic of rock and roll and reminding me to throw out the rule book and live life on your own terms.”

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